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“Protecting people and Places since 2012”


Preventing crime in the first place.

Improving frontline Policing.

Reducing re-offending.

Educating & supporting young people away from crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

Putting victims and witnesses at the heart of the criminal justice service


I’m again standing as an Independent, non-Party Political candidate, because I believe YOUR Police Commissioner must be free from the influence of Party Politics - free from the influence of Political masters in Westminster.


Over the past 3 ½ years, in the face of huge Government cuts, I’ve successfully delivered an efficient and effective police service for the public of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight.


Through taking a more businesslike approach to all we do, operational policing is starting to see benefits. My Estates Strategy has modernised the Constabulary, is saving money while delivering a more efficient and modern working environment for those on the frontline. My investment in technology - Body Worn Video, mobile communications and working with partners has brought the Constabulary to the forefront of modern policing.


Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary have classed our financial planning for the future as “outstanding”, recognising my commitment to neighbourhood policing, ensuring police officers and PCSO’s remain on our streets, engaging and communicating with communities - delivering traditional policing in the modern environment. HMIC have also noted we are good at preventing crime, anti-social behaviour and working effectively to reduce reoffending.


For me, the role of Police and Crime Commissioner is not just about governance of the Constabulary. It is, and most importantly, about co-ordinating community responsibility to bring about “social change”, working with others to prevent crime, reduce re-offending, support victims and protect the vulnerable.


If re-elected as your Police & Crime Commissioner, I will build on my successes since 2012 and tackle the new challenges faced by policing in modern times, with a focus on young people, the vulnerable, businesses and early prevention.


I believe the Police can best protect us against crime if they are FREE from Party Political interference. This site explains how I would continue, as your Police & Crime Commissioner, to represent you, and protect people and places across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, FREE from Party Political interference. We can, together, make our communities better places to live.


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Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire
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    The Police and Crime Panel, the body that scrutinises the work I do reported in March this year (2016):


    • Members of the Panel noted that evidence received had highlighted the contribution made by the Commissioner and his office in number of key areas:


    • That set against a backdrop of reduced police funding, the Commissioner has, alongside the Chief Constable, driven a programme of operational improvements within Hampshire Constabulary. Examples of such improvements include the introduction of the Resolution Centre and a re-alignment of policing boundaries, as well as increased investment in technology and an improved estate.


    • The Commissioner has sought to enhance support and services available to victims of crime, bringing them to the heart of the criminal justice system through the introduction of the Victim Care Service and Community Remedy Menu, and through the launch of a restorative justice strategy. The evidence highlighted that funding has been provided by the Commissioner to support survivors of domestic abuse, sexual crime, child sexual exploitation, and modern slavery


    • The Commissioner has worked with partners to encourage a multi-agency approach to, and introduced forums for the sharing of information to align the approach to, tackling anti-social behaviour and low level crime within the communities of Hampshire and the IOW, resulting in a their reduction across the policing area.


    • Demonstrating his commitment to the ‘social change agenda’, the Commissioner has focused on the provision of early intervention programmes and the use of out-of-court disposals to divert individuals away from crime, with a view to supporting a reduction in offending and re-offending.


    • The Commissioner has shown significant commitment to encourage and facilitate multi-agency partnerships and improved communication between organisations to enhance the approach to reducing crime, supporting victims and improving community safety.


    • Engagement with members of the public and the communities within Hampshire and the Isle of Wight has supported the Commissioner in the delivery of his objectives. Members noted, in particular, that the evidence had drawn numerous examples of positive engagement made by the Commissioner with young people.


    • That the Commissioner and his office are considered to be transparent in their approach, with an ‘open door policy’, and have listened to views and input from partners. It is also considered that the Commissioner’s commissioning strategy is clearly linked to the delivery of his objectives.


    • The Panel noted that the evidence strongly demonstrated efforts that had been made by the Commissioner to encourage, facilitate and foster multi-agency working and to engage with younger members of the community as part of the ‘social change agenda’.




    In 2015, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) rated Hampshire Constabulary to be:


    OUTSTANDING’ at financial planning for short and long term future - plans to deliver further savings from greater collaboration and through its estates, plans are well advanced and credible.

    ‘GOOD’ at being effective, efficient, and legitimate at keeping people safe and reducing crime – testament to the policing model implemented in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.


    GOOD’ at preventing crime, anti-social behaviour and keeping people safe.


    GOOD’ at identifying and tackling serious and organised crime.


    GOOD’  at maximising other funding opportunities, including a recent successful large joint bid with Thames Valley police to the Police Innovation Fund and an innovative collaboration with the University of Portsmouth to manage forensic examination of digital devices and the compilation of digital evidence.




    Key achievements highlighted by HMIC include:


    • Cost of the force is 44p per day compared to the National average of 55p.
    • 81% workforce considered frontline compared to National average of 78%.
    • First Force to roll out of body worn video cameras for police officers
    • Investment into neighbourhood policing teams
    • Multi -agency working arrangements and the investment into the innovative cyber crime hub,
    • Partnership working between the Police and Crime Commissioner and the constabulary allowing for both accountability and scrutiny of the force to be productive and positive.





    “The funding that we have received through the PCC to deliver detached youth work across Southampton, focussing specifically on reducing ASB amongst young people has meant that we have been able to directly supporting one of the 4 strategic priorities. We have seen significant drop in ASB in the areas that our detached teams have been operating – an 11% reduction in the last 5 months compared to the previous 5 months. This project has only operated due to the funding that it received from PCC”.



  • YOUTH COMMISSION Hampshire & Isle of Wight

    “Simon, with the support of his Office, encouraged us as a Youth Commission to look at key areas such as Legal Highs. This paved the way for our successful ‘Lethal Highs’ campaign which was mentioned in Parliament by MP Flick Drummond when the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 was recently being Debated”.


    “Simon has trusted us to deliver the Youth Commission priorities, within this covers the priorities of reducing ASB, reducing re-offending, improving relationships between young people and the Police and having a focus on victim care. Simon has given us good ideas, guidance and opportunities to deliver our priorities."




    “The PCC has met with and listened to SDAS on many occasions to discuss issues around domestic abuse especially on the subjects of service provision and funding/commissioning. The PCC has encouraged SDAS to work with other partners and has facilitated multi-agency working including hosting meetings. The PCC has also hosted events such as Domestic Abuse Conference, Launch of Sexual Crime Strategy, Working with Perpetrators etc. which have brought practitioners together”.


    “The PCC has also been open to funding innovative new pilot projects that are at the leading edge of service provision e.g Boys To Men (supporting boys and young men that have experienced domestic abuse) and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting) Community Development Work (supporting the diaspora communities affected by FGM)”.



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